How many Calories in Grape Jelly

Grape jelly is a kind of a jelly which is made out of grapes and has a very prominent grape flavor in them. Grape jellies are quite tasty and even more so for those who love to eat the grape fruit. Grape jellies can be found at a lot of stores and the amount of calories present in a grape jelly may vary from company to company and greatly depends upon the method in which the jelly is prepared. It is very easy to make grape jelly even at home but it might take some procedures and time. If you want to know more about grape jelly, then you can read the below given information:

Smucker’s is a company famous for making yummy grape jelly and this company also manufactures many other flavors of jellies as well. 1 tablespoon of Smucker’s grape jelly contains 50 calories or you can say that 20 grams of Smucker’s grape jelly contains 50 calories. Out of this calorie content, 4% of the calories come from the total carbohydrate content.

Calories in Grape Jelly

Sonic Grape Jelly is yet another tasty grape jelly variant available easily in the market. 14 grams of this jelly or 1 serving of Sonic Grape Jelly easily contains around 35 calories of which 3% have been contributed by total carbohydrates. The large amount of sugar present in this jelly could be a negative point about it for health conscious people.

Wal-Mart is also famous for selling many kinds of jellies one of which is the squeezable grape jelly. One serving of this particular grape jelly from Wal-Mart contains about 50 calories. 4% of this calorie amount has been contributed by the presence of total carbohydrates. The present of a high quantity of sugar in Wal-Mart’s grape jelly could be one of its negative points.