How many Calories in Granola Bar

Granola bars are made up of oats, nuts, honey and sometimes even puffed rice. Granola bars are baked snack items that are enjoyed by many and have several health benefits as well due to the presence of honey and oats. But do you know how many calories are present in granola bars? There are many companies making granola bars and each makes it in a different way using different ingredients and baking methods and the number of calories depends upon all these factors. If you wish to know more about the amount of calories in granola bar then please read the following given part of this article:

Calories in Granola Bar

The Quaker Oats, Co. is a company known for producing so many breakfast and snack items. One such items that it makes is chewy 90 calorie peanut butter granola bar. 1 bar weighing 24 grams has got 90 calories in it (as the name suggests) and has been tagged at a B- grade in terms of its nutritional benefits and value. Out of these calories, 3% comes from total fat, 5% comes from sodium, 6% comes from carbohydrates and 4% comes from dietary fiber. The presence of high calcium is a good point about these granola bars whereas the presence of sugar is a negative point.

Kashi Company is another brand name that makes tasty granola bars. The number of calories present in 1 Kashi company chewy granola bar is 150 calories and the nutritional grade that has been given to this particular bar is B+. 8% of these calories are contributed by total fat, 2% by saturated fat, 4% by sodium, 7% by carbohydrates and 16% by dietary fiber. The positive features about Kashi company chewy granola bar is that they are high on iron, high on dietary fiber, absence of cholesterol and low amount of saturated fat.