How Many Calories in Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes are quite popular; they are a favorite especially amongst the kids. Georgetown cupcakes come in a wide variety and the number of calories in each kind of Georgetown cupcakes is different from the other.

One Red Velvet Georgetown cupcake contains a total of 250 calories. The total fat content in one cup cake available here is 13 grams, carbohydrate content in it is 30 grams and protein content in it is 3 grams. One Georgetown cupcake available from generic also contains 250 calories. However the content of other micronutrients in it varies to some extent. An equal sized cupcake contains a total of 35 grams of carbohydrate content, 9 grams of fat content and 3 grams of protein content. One strawberry Georgetown cupcake also contains 250 calories and so does Georgetown cupcake – lava fudge. Other Georgetown cupcake varieties such as Hummingbird Georgetown cupcake and Maple Georgetown cupcake also have the same calorie content that is 250 calories.


The number of calories in Georgetown Ganache cupcake is comparatively low. One Georgetown Ganache cupcake contains a total of 196 calories. It has a total protein content of 3 grams, fat content of 9 grams and carbohydrate content of 26 grams. On the other hand Peanut butter chip Georgetown cupcake has greater number of calories as compared to most of the Georgetown cupcake varieties. One peanut butter chip Georgetown cupcake contains a total of 290 calories.

Salted Caramel Georgetown cupcakes are also a good option when it comes to Georgetown cupcakes. These are especially popular not only because of their scrumptious taste but also because of their low calorie content. One piece of salted caramel Georgetown cupcake contains a total of 178 calories. The total protein content in it is 2.8 grams, total fat content in it is 4.8 calories and carbohydrates content in it is 31.5 grams.