How Many Calories in Fresh Beet Juice

Fresh beet juice is quite wholesome and also tastes good. It is recommended by a number of nutritionists. Though the goodness of fresh beet juice cannot be beaten however, other ingredients such as salt, pepper, sugar, lemon, carrot, etc can enhance its taste and also add to its nutritional value. The number of calories in various fresh beet juice preparations is different.

100 grams of fresh beet juice contains a total of 43 calories and none of these calories are obtained from fat. In fact the fat content in it is zero. An equal serving of this juice contains 9.56 grams of carbohydrates and 1.61 grams of proteins. One gram of fresh beet juice contains a total of 0.4 calories. The total sodium content in it is 0.8 mg, potassium content is 3.3 mg and carbohydrate content is 0.1 gram. On adding sugar to it you are likely to add a few more calories to it. Other ingredients such as salt, pepper and lime also impact the calorie content of this juice to some extent.


Many people prefer mixing certain other fruits in the fresh beet juice. This is done to make this nourishing drink even more nutritious. One fruit which is preferred the most in fresh beet juice is carrot.

Trader Joe’s Beet and purple carrot juice is quite popular. 8 fl oz of beet and purple carrot juice contain a total of 70 calories. Out of these 70 calories 88% of the calories come from carbohydrates and the remaining 12% of the calories come from proteins. None of the calories in this juice comes from fats. Total sodium content in an equal quantity of this juice is 95 mg, potassium content in it is 450 mg, total carbohydrate content in it is 14 grams, dietary fiber content in it is 1 gram, sugar content in it is 14 gram and protein content in it is 2 grams.