How Many Calories in Cuttlefish

Like any other fish, cuttlefish can also be prepared using different recipes. You have the option of consuming it in its baked form, steamed form, fried form as well as grilled from. The calorie content in cuttlefish varies based on its form.

A 3 oz serving of cuttlefish (mixed species) contains a total of 67 calories out of which as many as 88% calories come from proteins, 8% calories come from fat and 4% calories are obtained from carbohydrates. The total fat content in an equal serving of cuttlefish (mixed species) is 0.6 gram, carbohydrate content in it is 0.7 gram, protein content in it is 13.8 grams, sodium content in it is 316 mg, potassium content in it is 301 mg and cholesterol content in it is 95 mg. It also contains some amount of vitamin and mineral content.

Cuttlefish Calories

Roland’s Hot Shredded cuttlefish is quite a popular choice. 30 pieces of hot shredded cuttlefish weighing around 15 grams contains a total of 44 calories. An equal serving of this cuttlefish preparation contains a total carbohydrate content of 1 gram, protein content of 8 grams, sodium content of 283 mg and cholesterol content of 54 mg.

Roland’s seasoned flat cuttlefish is also well liked by many. 30 pieces of seasoned flat cuttlefish weighing around 15 grams contains an equal number of calories as the hot shredded cuttlefish preparation available at Roland, that is, 44 calories. Out of these 44 calories a total of 73% calories are obtained from proteins and 27% calories come from carbohydrates. None of the calories in this cuttlefish preparation is obtained from fats.

The content of other micronutrients in Roland’s seasoned flat cuttlefish is also almost the same as Ronald’s Hot Shredded cuttlefish preparation.

Baked cuttlefish is also a popular choice. One container of baked cuttlefish weighing around 60 grams contains a total of 200 calories.