How many Calories in Coconut Juice

Coconut, as we all know, is a fruit which grows in the tropical zones and is loved by so many people. It is the staple fruit over these areas. The coconut juice forms sixty percent of the inner part of the coconut which resembles milk in look and feel. The coconut can be sweet or not, or the inner portion can be big or small, and these two factors directly affect the coconut juice calories.

The Coconut Juice, when freshly cut has got about one hundred and fifty nine calories. It is abundant in the mineral thiamine, which is vital for the effective nervous system functioning. The coconut done with shredding has got the calorie count of 283 calories per cup serving. It is rich in fat content. The coconut which is canned has got the highest calorie count of about 1057 calories. The diet conscious people shall not go for this kind of coconut juice. The coconut which is grated or frozen has got the lowest calorie count of about 45 calories.

Calories in Coconut Juice
Calories in Coconut Juice

When coming to the nutritional facts, the coconut juice has got the extensive content of vitamin B complex, riboflavin, biotin and folic acid. It is an energy booster for the instant energy requirements, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals and calories. The regular intake of coconut juice can help those who really want to gain weight, as it is rich in potential vitamins, minerals and fats.

The coconut juice has got properties that resist and fight against cancer. The vast content of vitamin B present in it has got the red blood cell forming capacity. The coconut juice helps in maintaining a healthier skin and lustrous hair. It stimulates normal thyroid activity. The coconut juice helps in fighting heart disease as well, thus keeps the heart healthy.