How Many Calories in Clementine Oranges

Clementine oranges are a variety of the mandarin oranges which are easy to peel and have a smooth and glossy exterior surface. Clementine oranges can be eaten in the raw form and can also be converted into juices and jams. There’s a lot of vitamin C in Clementine oranges and there are other health benefits of these oranges as well. If you wish to find out the number of calories present in Clementine oranges then please read the following given information:

Calories in Clementine Oranges

Reese is a popular company which manufactures and sells many different fruit and vegetable products. Clementine oranges are one of these items. Reese sells Clementine oranges in a light syrup can.1/2 can weighs 156 grams and contains 80 calories out of which 6% are contributed by total carbohydrates and 2% are contributed by dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to these Clementine oranges is B.  The good points about Clementine oranges in light syrup manufactures by Reese are that they have got a lot of vitamin C in them and have really low sodium content. The good thing about Reese Clementine oranges is that they have a lot of sugar content.

Cuties is also a famous company that sells Clementine or mandarin oranges. 1 Clementine orange sold by this company weighs about 84 grams and contains 35 calories only. As far as the nutritional value or grade is concerned, these oranges have been allotted A- grade. Out of the 25 calories that are present in one Clementine orange sold by Cuties, 2% come from total fat, 3% comes from total carbohydrates and 5% come from dietary fiber. The positive points about Cuties Clementine oranges are that they have low sodium content, they have high dietary fiber content, they have high potassium content and they have high vitamin C content.