How Many Calories in Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake bites are yummy bites which have been made out of cheesecakes and taste sweet. Cheesecake bites can be thought of as a dessert item but can also be eaten otherwise with tea or as a snack. Many different companies manufacture and sell cheesecake bites in different flavors. Infact these are also available at restaurants, bakeries and eating joints. The number of calories in cheesecake bites may differ depending upon the ingredients used and quantity of components added. You can read the following information if you want to find out about the number of calories in cheesecake bites.

Calories in Cheesecake Bites

Wholly-Wholesome is a famous brand which prepares and sells cheesecake bites in packets. 1 piece of a cheesecake bite made by this company weighs about 55 grams and contains 190 calories. Out of these 190 calories, 18% come from total fat, 35% come from saturated fat, 20% come from cholesterol, 5% come from sodium and 6% come from total carbohydrates. On the scale of nutrition, the grade given to Wholly-Wholesome cheesecake bites is D. Some bad points associated with these cheesecake bites are that they have a lot of sugar in them, they are high on cholesterol and they have a lot of saturated fat content in them.

Pinkberry is another company which makes cheesecake bites. 1 serving of these cheesecake bites weigh 12 grams and contains a total of 40 calories out of which 4% come from total fat, 8% come from saturated fat, 3% are contributed by cholesterol, 1% come from sodium and the remaining 1% come from total carbohydrates. As far as the nutritional count of these cheesecake bites is concerned, they have been given a D- grade. The high amount of saturated fat and the high amount of sugar are the two negative points about these cheesecake bites manufactured by Pinkberry.