How Many Calories in Apple Crumble

An apple crumble is a dish which is prepared by using apples and can be both in sweet or savory flavor. The sweet form of apple crumble generally contains stewed fruit which is topped with a crumble mixture of sugar, flour or fat which is mostly in the form of butter. If the apple crumble is in the savory form, then it might contain meat or vegetables. Depending upon the ingredients used in apple crumble, the calories might vary. The following given information will help you know about apple crumble calories in a better way.

Calories in Apple Crumble

Co-Op is a very famous company which makes yummy apple crumble. 1/8 of this apple crumble cake made by Co-Op contains 151 calories in total of which 10% come from the total fat content, 7% come from the total carbohydrate content and 4% comes from the dietary fiber content.

Au Bon Pain is another company which makes delicious Apple Crumble Cake. 6 oz of this cake contains a whopping 540 calories. On the scale of nutrition, this cake has been given D grade and of the 540 calories present, 46% come from total fat content, 60% come from saturated fat content, 52% come from cholesterol content, 21% come from sodium content, 21% come from total carbohydrate content and 4% come from dietary fiber content. There is high amount of iron, calcium and vitamin A also present in apple crumble cake from Au Bon Pain and this is a good thing about it. But on the other hand, high amounts of saturated fat, sugar and sodium make this cake unhealthy and less nutritional to eat.

Wholly-Wholesome also makes Cinnamon Apple Crumble cake, 37.7 grams of which contains 220 calories and the nutritional grade given to it is D+. The high amount of sugar present in this cake makes it a little less healthy.