How many calories in a banana split

Banana Split is said to have been invented in 1907 by Ernest Hazard in Ohio. He whipped up; a dessert featuring a split banana, scoops of ice cream, and a variety of sauces and nuts as garnishes to attract customers to his restaurant. Even today, it is a sinful pleasure for many across the world. The classic banana split with a peeled banana, three scoops of ice cream, pineapple, chocolate and strawberry sauces, which are topped with maraschino cherries and whipped cream are still an absolute summer essential.

The traditional recipe of banana split contains a whopping 1000 calories, which are enough to serve a huge portion of everyday calorie requirements. So, one has to really think twice before having this scrumptious dessert. There are shops that now sell mini-splits which are lower on calories. Banana split from dessert kings like Dairy Queen, Sonic and Denny’s sell like hot cakes. A 374 gram serving from Dairy Queen contains 520 calories, which can be further broken down as 71% carbohydrates, 22% fat and 7% protein. In other words, this serving provides 94 grams carbs and 13 grams fat.

calories in a banana split
calories in a banana split


The Banana split from Sonic is much lower in calories, having 420. Out of this, the calories from fat are 90. It contains 30 mg cholesterol, 140 mg of sodium, and 80 grams of carbohydrates. Needless to say, the banana split is quite high in sugar content too. Around 57 grams sugar is contained in a 309 gram serving from Sonic. A 15 oz serving from Denny’s is going to cost the dearest, containing 810 calories. Banana split also contains vitamin A, C and calcium, but these can be gained from other healthier alternatives as well.

The calorie count of Banana Split can be lowered by whipping this dessert at home. If one has a real craving for it, one can compromise on the number of ice cream scoops, amount of whipped cream and the size of banana.