How Many Calories in Fish Ceviche

The taste of fish ceviche is enhanced by marinating it with different spices. It is best liked in its marinated form and that is how most people prefer it. There are different kinds of solutions prepared for marinating fish ceviche. Some people like less spicy food so they opt for fish ceviche which is marinated with less spices and salt, some prefer adding lemon to the solution prepared for marinating the fish ceviche while others may like adding different sauces to it. The number of calories in marinated fish ceviche differs based on the kind and amount of spices and sauces added to it.

One cup serving of a marinated fish ceviche prepared using its standard recipe contains a total of 173 calories out of which 68% of the calories are obtained from fat, 22% calories come from carbohydrates and the remaining 10% come from proteins. The total fat content in an equal serving of fish ceviche prepared using the same recipe is 1.97 grams of which saturated fat content is 0.418 gram, polyunsaturated fat content is 0.7 gram and monounsaturated fat content is 0.355 grams.

Fish Ceviche Calories

The total cholesterol content in it is 50 mg, sodium content is 325 mg, potassium content is 740 mg, carbohydrate content in it is 9.2 grams and protein content is 29.75 grams. One oz serving of marinated fish Ceviche contains a total of 20 calories and 100 grams contains 69 calories.

Mexican Lime Marinated Fish Ceviche is also quite popular and also comes with some amount of calories. Half a cup of this fish ceviche contains 78 calories. An equal quantity of similarly prepared fish ceviche contains total fat content of 1 gram, total carbohydrate content in it is 4 grams, protein content is 13 grams and dietary fiber content is 1 gram. It tastes delicious and also contains several other micronutrients which are good for health.