How Many Calories in Diet Pepsi

Most people prefer consuming diet drinks because the calorie content in these drinks is zero. Diet Pepsi is one of the hot favorites amongst people opting for diet drinks. It is commonly believed that since there are no calories in Diet Pepsi therefore even high intake of this drink is not harmful. However, this perception is not correct as even though the calorie content in this drink is nil, it does contain sucralose and aspartame which is not good for health. Aspartame has always been a subject of debate. It has been argued time and again that aspartame should not be used for sweetening the drink.

As per certain studies, Aspartame consumption causes a threat of certain dangerous and deadly diseases including brain lesions, brain tumor and lymphoma. It has also been said that Aspartame interrupts the normal chemical processes of the body that assist in calculating as to how much has been consumed by you. The investigation on this subject is still going on; researchers are working on it while the soft drink companies are trying hard to defend the use of Aspartame. Diet Pepsi is not considered a healthy option also because it blocks the breakdown of fat. Thus, the common belief that diet Pepsi is good since the calorie content in this drink is zero is wrong.

Apart from Aspartame and Sucralose, Diet Pepsi also contains caffeine, citric acid, caramel color, carbonated water, benzoate, phosphoric acid, phenylalanine and natural flavors. It also contains some amount of sodium and potassium. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins content is nil in this drink. Thus, if not more Diet Pepsi is considered to be as unhealthy as the usual Pepsi and it is thus recommended to avoid it. One should go for healthier drinks such as fruits juices and other health drinks rather than consuming this.