How Many Calories in Chayote

Chayote, a pear shaped light green colored vegetable belonging to the gourd family is a healthy and nutritious food option. The vegetable offers a number of health benefits and that too giving very low calorie count. One cup of Chayote containing 1 inch pieces of Chayote which weighs approximately 132 grams provides 25 calories, 5 three fourth inches Chayote which weigh around 203 grams contain 39 calories and 100 grams of Chayote contains just 19 calories.

Its low calorie content and almost 94 grams of water in every 100 grams makes it a hot favorite amongst those who are aiming to lose or maintain their weight. Nutritionists also include this vegetable as a part of diet plans for their patients. It is also good for those having high cholesterol level. Consuming 100 grams of chayote gives just 0.95% of the daily recommended allowance of calories for woman and 0.76% of daily recommended allowance of calories for men. Not only is this vegetable low in calories what makes it even healthier is that a very marginal amount of these calories come from fat.

Chayote Calories

Other micronutrients in Chayote include Carbohydrates, various Proteins, different Vitamins and Minerals. 100 grams of Chayote includes approximately 4.51 grams of Carbohydrates, 1.7 grams Dietary fiber, 1.66 grams sugar, 0.82 grams protein and 0.3 grams Ash. Total Lipid (fat) content in 100 grams of Chayote is 0.13 grams, Glutamic acid is 0.125 grams, Aspartic acid is 0.092 grams, Leucine is 0.077 grams, Valine is 0.063 grams, polyunsaturated fatty acids are 0.057 grams, Serine is 0.047 grams, Phenylalanine is 0.047 grams, Proline is 0.044 grams, Isoleucine is 0.044 grams, Glycine is 0.041 grams, Threonine content is 0.04 grams, saturated fatty acids are 0.028 grams and monounsaturated fatty acids are 0.01 grams. Vitamin K in 100 grams of Chayote is 4.1 mg and Vitamin C content in an equal quantity of Chayote is 7.7 mg.