How to Prepare, Roast and Store Pumpkin Seeds

The nutritious pumpkin seeds are available all over the market owing to its antioxidants, zinc, magnesium and vitamin E contents. People are actually finding many easy ways to prepare it on their own, roast and even store for long run usage.

Preparing and roasting pumpkin seeds at your home will taste much better than those which you will buy from market as it will have the endosperm envelope rich with nutrients and taste. While you try to prepare and roast pumpkin seeds at your home, check out the following steps for easy assistance –

store pumpkin seedsCleaning of the Seeds

Cleaning of the pumpkin seeds would be the first as well as an important step towards the preparation. Though it might seem a tiresome task but you have to clean the seeds so that no pumpkin guts are seen on the seeds. Thoroughly rinse pumpkin seeds with water in colander.

Need to Boil in Salted Water

Put the clean pumpkin seeds in a medium sized pot to boil. Never forget to add 1 tsp salt to it as it aids in proper boiling. Simmer the level of the heat and boil near about for 10 minutes. While boiling, do not put any lid on the pot. This process will give your pumpkin seeds an extra crispiness when you will roast those.

Draining and Drying Process of Pumpkin Seeds

The next would be to soak the water from the seeds with tea towel or paper towel. On this note it should be mentioned that the boiled seeds may stick to the towel, but not to worry. You need to rub them off.

Spread the Seeds on a Baking Tray

After soaking the seeds place those on a baking tray. At this step you can add some fine sea salt for seasoning and 1 or ½ tsp virgin oil to the seeds. Try to avoid overlapping.

Roasting the Seeds

The final step of roasting your pumpkin seeds is very important and at this level you need to be concentrated on it. Roasting temperature would be 325 F and the time would be 10 minutes. You must be aware that the inner portion of pumpkin seeds should not turn brown. Hence taste it out by putting them in your mouth. If you found that the shell has turned into crispy one and it is easy to bite, then your roasted pumpkin seeds are to eat.

Thus with the above given steps will help you to prepare roasted pumpkin seeds which are not only tasty, but also good for your health. In an air tight container you can store it for future use and to maintain it crunchiness.