8 Tips To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Most of us love having something sweet every now and then and this is the reason why sugar cravings are so common. Something sweet not only tastes very good but also helps us to relax, thanks to the taste of sugar which releases endorphins that calm us.

Feeling a general need to have sugar is normal but what happens when your sugar cravings go over board? Well you can follow the following given 10 tips to curb your sugar cravings:

dried fruits

1. Grab Some Gum

Whenever an urgent sugar craving hits you, try having a little bit of gum as this can help you curb many types of food cravings. Chewing a stick of gum can really help you manage your sugar urge.

2. Go for Some Fruit

Whenever the next time you feel this urge to eat something sweet containing sugar, grab the first fruit that you can set your eyes on. Not only will this help you get some sweetness but will also fill you in with some nutrition and fiber. Even nuts, seeds and dried fruits can fulfill the same purpose.

3. Eat Regularly

Sometimes you can confuse food cravings with sugar cravings and this happens when you don’t eat regularly. Make sure you eat regularly to prevent sugar cravings from hitting you.

4. Combine Foods

To satisfy your sugar cravings, make sure you don’t only eat sweet foods but rather try combining them with other non-sweet foods so that you don’t end up adding all those calories.

5. Eat cold Turkey

It has been proved that eating cold turkey can also help those with sweet or sugar cravings. When you gorge on some cold turkey, your taste buds will not long for sugar anymore for a considerate period of time.

6. Give in a Little

Whenever you feel an urge to have some sugar-rich food, make sure you don’t completely starve yourself and keep yourself away from sweet foods. Giving in just a little can be a good idea to satisfy the urge.

7. Take a Walk

Another tip to curb your sugar cravings is to get up and take a walk. This will help you to take your mind off the cravings, thereby reducing it.

8. Choose Quality over Quantity

If you decide to go for something sweet, make sure you choose quality over quantity. Go for a dark chocolate truffle rather than a large sized candy bar. You must savor each bite to let the craving die off.

Photo Credit By: ambrosiasoulfulcooking.blogspot.in