4 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass For Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian surely means missing out on a number of healthy, body building and muscle developing foods but this in no way means that you still cannot gain the required muscle mass or lead a healthy lifestyle.  Vegetarian diet too is designed to meet all your nutrition requirements and there are several ways in which vegetarians too can gain muscle mass. The following are the 4 of the most effective of these ways:

Ways To Gain Muscle Mass

Intake of high Protein Foods at each Meal

One of the best and most effective ways to gain muscle mass if you are a vegetarian is to include a lot of high protein foods to your diet and to every meal that you have.  The 3 major sources of protein for vegetarians are-cereals, legumes and nuts/seeds.  You must make it a point to include all these sources of proteins to your diet everyday and in good bulk quantities.

Another good source of protein for vegetarians which can help to develop muscle mass is brewer’s yeast. This food can be added to shakes and spreads and had along with meals.

Include Essential Minerals and Vitamins in Adequate Amounts

Another important and effective way of gaining muscle mass for vegetarians is to include sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins to the diet. The three main minerals and vitamins which are most productive for gaining muscle mass are iodine, calcium and Vitamin B12.

Calcium is a mineral which helps in the contraction of muscles and development of bones. Vitamin B12 and Iodine have their separate set of functions and contribute to the overall muscle health.

Eat a Varied Diet

For any vegetarian who wants to build muscle mass, it is very important to eat a varied and nutrition rich diet. This ensures consumption of trace elements and contributes to the overall health.  If you have a deficiency of any kind of mineral, vitamin or trace element, then this may hinder with gaining of the muscle mass and hence make it a point to include all vegetables and fruits, whole grains, plenty of water and fiber to your diet.

Eat at Regular Intervals

For vegetarians interested in building muscle mass, it is very important to eat many times a day and at regular intervals.  Having protein shakes and other nutritious snacks in between meals is also a good way to gain muscle mass fast.

Photo Credit By: kichiwall.com