How Many Calories in Vegetables

Vegetables offer great nutritional value and a number of health benefits. However, along with these positives certain vegetables also contain a lot of calories. Calories are present in all the vegetables; some offer more while some offer lesser calories. For instance an artichoke offers 67 calories where as a cup of boiled Asparagus gives 54 calories. Similarly every vegetable has its set of nutritional value and calorie content.

Vegetables Calories

Consuming 1 cup of canned baked beans provides 306 calories, 4 oz of bean curd offers 81 calories, 1 cup boiled bean sprout contains 35 calories, 1 cup raw bean sprouts contains 37 calories, 1 cup fresh beets contain 54 calories, 1 can canned beets have 109 calories, 1 cup of Great Northern beans contains 212 calories, 1 cup of boiled green beans contains 31 calories, 1 cup Blackeye peas contains 178 calories, 1 cup cooked Broccoli has 40 calories, 1 cup fresh Brussel sprouts has 56 calories, 1 cup cooked Cabbage has 31 calories, 1 cup raw shredded Cabbage contains 17 calories, one raw Carrot has 30 calories, 1 cup cooked Carrots have 45 calories, 1 cup sliced Carrots contain 48 calories, 1 cup boiled Cauliflower has 28 calories, 1 cup raw chopped Cauliflower has 31 calories, 3 small stalks of Celery has 9 calories, 1 cup of fresh Chard contains 32 calories, 1 can of whole kernel Corn which weighs around 10 oz contains as many as 360 calories, 1 cup of cooked Corn contains 140 calories, 1 can of creamed corn which weighs around 15 and a half oz contains 320 calories, a cucumber contains 30 calories, 1 cup of boiled Eggplant contains 38 calories, three and a half oz of fried Eggplant sticks contain 240 calories and 1 Green pepper that weighs around 1/5 pound contains 16 calories.

Similarly there are various other vegetables that contain different amount of calories. You may choose these based on whether you intend to lose, gain or maintain your existing weight and of course also looking at their nutritional value.