How Many Calories in a Rocket Salad

Rocket Salad contains a number of health benefits. Many nutritionists recommend including rocket salad as a part of the diet plan for their patients as it is full of vitamins and minerals and very low in calories. Rocket salad may also be clubbed with other salad items such as spinach, cucumber, apple, cheese, etc to prepare a more nutritious salad. However on including these food items the calorie content of Rocket salad increases.

One oz serving of simple rocket salad that contains some amount of salt and pepper contains 4 calories. The protein content in an equal serving of rocket salad is 0.2 grams, 0.5 grams of carbohydrates, 0.1 gram of fat and 0.3 gram of fiber. 100 grams of similarly prepared rocket salad contains around 14 calories. Other micronutrients in an equal quantity of rocket salad prepared in a similar manner include carbohydrates 1.7 grams, proteins 0.8 grams, fat content 0.5 grams and fiber 0.9 grams. Adding some amount of extra virgin olive oil in the rocket salad prepared as per the above method would increase the number of calories to some extent.

Rocket Salad Calories

Rocket Salad has a unique spicy and peppery flavor and is a rich source of Vitamin C. It also contains high levels of Vitamin A. sulfuraphane and fiber content is also present in moderate quantity in Rocket Salad. Micronutrients such as Vitamin K, Vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium and folic acids are also present in it. These vitamins and minerals are very essential for the body as these help in maintaining the bone health.

The calorie content in other kinds of Rocket salads varies depending upon the kind and amount of ingredients added. Watercress Spinach and Rocket salad is a well liked salad. Each serving of this kind of rocket salad which weighs around 30 grams contains approximately 7 calories. Spinach and Rocket salad with Turkey, Apple and Hummus contains 219 calories in each serving. Rocket salad with balsamic dressing contains 90 calories per portion.