How Many Calories in a Pear

Like any other fruit, the calories in a pear also differ based on its size; the bigger the size the more the number of calories it has. For instance, One ounce of pear contains around 16 calories, a small sized pear contains 83 calories, a medium sized pear contains 98 calories, a large pear contains 121 calories, half cup of peer has around 50 calories and a cup of freshly sliced pears weighing about 5.8 oz contains 96 calories. Thus as we see, the calorie content in pear is quite low and what is even better is that none of the calories it has are fat calories.

Pear Calories

There are more than 3000 types of pears across the globe and the calorie content of each one differs from the other. One of the commonly found and well like kind of pear is the Yellow Bartlett. Then there are Anjou pears that are available in red and green colors. Then there is Bartlett, Forelle, Bosc, Seckel and Comice. While almost all these kinds of pears are juicy and sweet some may even be crispy. The calorie content in Yellow Bartlett, Green Anjou and Comice Pear is comparatively high as these come in large size while that in Seckel pears is low as it is quite small.

Pear is considered to have a great nutritional value as it is low in calories and rich in fiber. Apart from this each 100 grams of pear has around 15 grams of carbohydrates, 83 grams of water, 9.8 grams of sugars, 6.23 grams of Fructose, 2.76 grams of Glucose, 0.78 grams of Sucrose, 0.38 grams of Proteins, 0.33 grams of Ash, 0.12 grams of Lipid (fat), 0.17 mg of Iron, 9 mg of Calcium, 23 IU Vitamin A, 4.5 mcg Vitamin K and around 6 percent of the suggested daily Vitamin C intake.