How Many Calories in Stuffed Peppers

The red, green or yellow bells peppers which have been stuffed inside with a filling are known as stuffed peppers. The stuffing could be made of anything include chicken, mushrooms, cheese and spices etc and hence there are many varieties of stuffed peppers available. It is not very difficult to make a stuffing for peppers at home but at the same time stuffed peppers are served by many eating joints as well. If you wish to know about the calorie content and nutritional value of stuffed peppers, then you can read the following given information

Calories in Stuffed Peppers

Stouffer’s is a company which serves stuffed peppers with beef in tomato sauce filling. 1 package of these stuffed peppers weighs around 439 grams and has got 359 calories in it.  Of the 359 calories, 25% come from total fat, 30% come from saturated fat, 10% come from cholesterol, 67% come from sodium, 12% come from total carbohydrates and 16% come from dietary fiber content as well. The nutritional grade given to these stuffed peppers is C. There is a lot of vitamin C present in Stouffer’s stuffed peppers and this is a good point but high amount of saturated fat and very high quantity of sodium are the negative points.

Raphy’s is a company which sells stuffed peppers in a canned packing.1 piece of stuffed peppers sold by this company weighs around 100 grams and contains 74 calories in total. Out of the 74 calories, 7% come from total fat, 2% come from saturated fat, 15 % come from sodium, 2% come from total carbohydrates and 3% come from dietary fiber. The good points about these stuffed peppers are that they have low saturated fat, no cholesterol content, high vitamin A content and high amount of vitamin C. But the high amount of sodium in these stuffed peppers is a negative point.