How Many Calories in Madeira Cake

The Madeira Cakes were brought in vogue by the British and these light spongy yet firm cakes were traditionally eaten at tea. Most often they were lemon flavored and nowadays people often compare its similarity to a pound cake. This cake is served with wine and it has got the name from the Madeira wine that was used to make this cake. Many people have a misconception that this cake is named after the Madeira Islands, but in reality, the cake from the island which is called Bolo del Mel.

Madeira cake

A 50 gm Madeira cake from Tesco has 197 calories and 28.5 gm carbohydrates.

The cake from Coles is similar in content and a 45 gm cake has about 153 calories and 6.3 gm fat. Since the cake is sweet it has a sugar content of 13 gm.

The 50 gm cake that the Morrisons make has 175 calories and 7 gm fat. This is less as compared to the Tesco cake.

A similar sized iced cake from Sainsbury has 182 calories and 6.6 gm fat. This is quite a good bargain when compared to the cakes that do not come with any sort of icing.

The Madeira cakes have a certain amount of flour and sugar. 125 gm of all purpose flour has 455 calories and about 95.4 gm carbohydrates.

4.2 gm of granulated sugar has 16 calories and the entire amount (4.2 gm) is carbohydrates. Owing to this combination of high calorie content from sugar and flour, the cakes are full of carbohydrates. It is important to note that the protein content in the cakes is quite low. Since these cakes do not have vitamins , iron and calcium, they are best treated as snack items for tiffin or tea time purpose and not as a main course food. Their consumption should be controlled and limited due to the fat content.