How many Calories in Margarita Mix

The margarita mixture is a Mexican cocktail which is served with some flavor of orange or lime. This mixture is usually served with tequila. In the United States it is used as a refreshment agent on festive occasions. This mix is served mostly blended with ice and sometimes the drink is shaken with crushed ice. There are various types of margarita mixtures found depending on the different kind of flavored liqueurs used in the mixture. In most of the cases orange is used as the mixed flavor but lime, black raspberry and melon are the other key ingredients that are used.

margarita mix

The usual amount of Margarita mix served is 113gm. Generally 113 gram of Margarita mixture is capable of generating 100 calories of energy. Hence it becomes a huge responsive drink in this modern busy lifestyle. IBA, world’s largest organization has standardized the ingredient mixture by ratio of 7:4:3 for tequila, Cointreau and lime juice by volume.

Out of 100 calories most of calories comes from the 80mg mixed sodium, which comes from the lime mixture. The amount of energy that comes from sodium is around 3%. 100 gram of mixture consists of 24 gram of carbohydrate which increases the energy index by 8%. The 100 gram of Margarita mixture consists of 25 gram of saturated fat but it is not harmful for health. 300 mg of Cholesterol comes from the Tequila mixed with the solutions. Some of the other ingredients like protein (0.5 gram), calcium (0.1 gram), Vitamin A, Vitamin C are also found.

Margarita mixture is a very popular drink in American countries. Some people prefer this margarita mixture with brandy and also with ice cubes for added refreshment. This multi colored cocktail drink is colorful drink and loved by many. However, consumption should be restricted for the alcohol content that can bring health hazards.