How Many Calories in Fennel Seeds

Fennel is a plant with aromatic leaves and bulbs. The bulbs are sometimes used in some cuisines but it is the seed which is the mainly favored. The fennel seeds are extensively used in many Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian as well as Chinese cuisines. The seeds are used either in a powdered form or whole. Fennel seeds commonly known as saunf are dried seeds of the fennel plant. It comes in a range of colors which determines its freshness. It ranges from bright green to tan. It has a mild sweetish taste and is commonly used as an after dinner mint.

Calories in Fennel Seeds

In a single serving of one teaspoon which is measuring about 2g the fennel seeds have a calorie content of 7 and calories from fat is 3. In a simpler way, one tablespoon of fennel seeds gives 20 calories. 7.8 calories come from the fat content in these seeds. The total percentage of dietary fiber is 3%. The total fat content is 0.3g out of which saturated and polyunsaturated fats are 0.0g and monosaturated fats 0.2g. Cholesterol is 0g and total carbohydrates are 1.0g. Protein is 0.3g and dietary fiber 0.8g. Fennel seeds are good source of sodium (5.1 mg) and potassium (98.2 mg). The seeds are also rich in iron, calcium, thiamine, niacin, copper, magnesium, riboflavin and phosphorus. Fennel seeds have 97.2 mg Omega 6 Fatty acids in the mentioned serving quantity. The water content in these seeds is 0.18 grams. Fennel seeds are devoid of cholesterol.

Fennel seeds aid in digestion and is chewed by many as a mouth-freshener or as a post meal mint. Fennel seeds when kept soaked in water, the water is used as a colic reliever for babies. India is the largest producer of fennel seeds. Too much consumption of fennel seeds is known to bring stomach troubles, and these seeds are usually not known to gain body weight.