How Many Calories in Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds belong to the parsley family. It is widely used in a variety of cuisines of different cultures across the globe both in the whole and powdered form. It is generally preferred due to its distinctive flavor and strong aroma.

It is also used for its nutritional content in most cultures. A serving size of 1 teaspoon of Cumin seeds has 8 calories and calories from fat are 4. With 1 % fat and 1% dietary fiber in the serving, it also contains Vitamin A 1%, Iron 8% and Calcium 2%.In the 2.1g of cumin seeds the total fat is 0.5g fat out of which saturated fat is 0.0g, polyunsaturated fat is 0.1g and monounsaturated fat is 0.3g. Cholesterol content is 0mg, dietary fiber 0.2g and protein is 0.4g.

Calories in Cumin Seeds

As per USDA, one tablespoon of the cumin spice consists of 22 Kcal of calories, 1.34 g of fat, 2.63 g of carbohydrates, 0.6 g of fiber and 1.07 g of protein. Some of the positive points of these seeds are that they are low in saturated fat, have no cholesterol, are low in sodium and sugar and high in calcium, dietary fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium. The carbohydrate content comes from this serving is 3 grams and the dietary fiber is 1 gram. Cumin seeds are also rich in thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Cumin seeds have higher fat content as compared to other spices. Each 1 tbsp. serving of cumin seeds have 1.3 g of fat, contributing to more than half of the calories.

The cumin seed is used not only for its flavor and aroma but for various health benefits as well. It is rich in iron hence it is beneficial for people suffering from anemia, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Many studies have also shown it benefits for fighting cancer and diabetes. It helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and is also used as a digestive aid