How Many Calories in Endive

Endive may be consumed in both raw as well as cooked forms. However, the calorie content as well as other nutritional value in endive may vary based on its form. The entire calorie content in endives is obtained from the carbohydrates; none of it comes from fats or proteins.

Half a cup of raw chopped endives weighing around 25 grams contains as less as 4 calories and all 4 of them come from carbohydrates. The fat content in endive is quite low; the total fat content in an equal quantity of raw chopped endives is 0.1 gram. Protein content in it is 0.3 gram, carbohydrate content is 0.8 gram, dietary fiber content is 0.8 gram, sugar content is 0.1 gram and sodium content is 6 mg.

Endive Calories

One oz of raw endive contains 5 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrate content, 4 and a half oz of raw endive contains 22 calories and 4 grams carbohydrates and 6 oz of raw endive has 30 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates.

Cooked endive also tastes good and contains a lot of nutritional value. One cup of chopped endive cooked without adding fat contains 18 calories. The total fat content in an equal quantity of similarly cooked endive is 0.3 gram, protein content is 2.8 gram, total carbohydrate content in it is 0.7 gram, dietary fiber content is 2.7 gram, sugar content is 0.6 gram and sodium content is 307.4 mg.

Endive may be cooked using different methods and the number of calories and nutritional value in it varies to a great extent based on this factor. When cooked with spices and oil the calorie content in endives increases to a great extent for obvious reasons. The fat content in endives also increases when these ingredients are added to it and its nutritional value is impacted.