How Many Calories in Chicken Patty

Chicken Patty is another popular Indian Snack which is light and yet delicious. Its major ingredients is dough for the crust and chicken stuffing containing crushed chicken pieces along with a few spices and other vegetables. The main fatty material is the oil that is used to fry the chicken patty. If you look at it from the point of view of healthy conscious diet then the frying oil is the most disturbing factor. This oil leads to a considerably high cholesterol level of any recipe and is not good for people with heart problems. If you are obese and you are growing old then having food items with high level of cholesterol can create new heart problems too.

If you want to find out about the number of calories in a chicken patty then read on and you will get to know a lot about it. If we take the assumption that the serving size is one patty and the weight of the patty is one gram we have provided the following metrics.

Calories in Chicken Patty

Calorie Meter:

  • Calories: 172.2
  • Carbs: 7.704 grams
  • Fat: 11.748 grams
  • Proteins: 8.91 grams

The total fat content is 11.748 grams out of which 2.197 grams is saturated fat, 2.883 grams is polyunsaturated fat and 5.002 grams is monounsaturated fat. The cholesterol level in a chicken patty is 25.8 milligrams and sodium is 319.2 milligrams. Out of the total 7.704 grams of carbs, 0.18 grams is dietary fiber while sugar is nil that is 0 grams. As for vitamin content in a chicken patty, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are zero milligrams while iron is 0.57 milligrams and calcium is 11.4 milligrams. This is the overall information you need to weigh your options about having a chicken patty in your healthy and balanced diet list or not.