How Many Calories in Chewing Gum

Almost everybody must have had a chewing gum once in a lifetime. Infact chewing gums are very popular and are sold at almost all grocery stores or big and small departmental stores. Chewing gums are manufactured by a lot of companies and are available in a lot of flavors as well. Do you know how many calories are present in chewing gums? Do you think that chewing gums have health benefits associated with them or do you think that there are only disadvantages of chewing gums? To find out the answers to these questions, then following given article will be of help to you:

1 stick of chewing gum which is about 3 grams in weight contains only 7 calories of which 1% comes from carbohydrates. The nutrition grade given to a chewing gum stick is B- and the good points associated with it are that it is low on the saturated fat content, has got no cholesterol at all and also has got very low amount of sodium as well. The only negative points is that it has a lot of sugar present in it.

Calories in Chewing Gum

Trident is a very popular chewing gum and mint producing company which produces many flavors of chewing gums. The berry chewing gum from this company is loved by many and 1 serving of it contains only 5 calories.

Mad croc is a company that is known to make yummy chewing gums and one such chewing gum that this company makes is the energy gum in slammin’ citrus flavor. 1 serving of this chewing gum contains 10 calories out of which 1% has been contributed by total carbohydrates.  On the scale of nutrition, this chewing gum has been given grade A and the good points about it are that there is no cholesterol, sugar or sodium in it and is high on vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and niacin.