How many calories in a mango juice

The mango is a delicious fruit with its fleshy pulp surrounding the seed. Mango juice contains sufficient valuable nutrients. It is a naturally occurring fruit beverage that fulfils normal body functions and also supplements beneficial dietary food item that prevents us from health diseases.

Mango juice, sometimes known as mango nectar is widely consumed as it contains a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. A mango juice contains moderate to high level of carbohydrates, which causes little fluctuation in blood sugars.There is no fat in the juice making the juice easily digestible and making it an energy providing drink. A fibre in a mango juice helps you make longer and keeps blood glucose level stable. But a full mango provides more fibre than juice. A one can of mango juice (nearly 340 mL) contains 180 calories. Out of these 180 calories, fats and proteins do not contribute to the calories instead all the 100% calories comes from carbohydrate.  Also, it contains 41g of sugars, 50 mg Sodium and 65 mg Potassium.

calories in a mango juice
calories in a mango juice

Mango juice is a rich source of vitamin A and C. One can of mango juice contain nearly 60% of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps regulate enzymes and metabolic process in the body. Then, Vitamin A contributes to 40% of the daily required value in a juice which helps maintains eye function and its growth and skin issues in a body. Mango juice also contains good amount of calcium and iron. Calcium helps building bones and teeth in a body whereas iron helps eliminate free radicals.

But one should not consume too much juice as it leads to an excess amount of sugar in the body. This will increase fat in the body leading not only to weight gain and but also increase in blood sugar of a healthy human being.