How many calories in a harvest salad

A harvest salad is a very nutritional dish made from many fruits as well as vegetables. When it is prepared at home, it contains lesser calories as compared to the one made in restaurants and outlets. This salad contains high nutritional value and less fat and cholesterol. This is probably the reason why harvest salad is considered a very healthy dish. It may be taken at breakfast or for dinner. It prevents accumulation of fat as it has low cholesterol and fat content.

calories in a harvest salad

Harvest salad contains 109 calories in a 0.13 cup of the Pecan Diamond halves. Further 3 table spoon of Kraft Done Raspberry Vinaigrette are added to this salad which adds an extra 90 calories to the nutrition value of the dish. It also contains 41 calories from fresh apples and 20 calories from Spring Veggie Mix Salad. Total 259.9 calories are present in the harvest salad. This results from 17.7 grams of total fat including the saturated, mono saturated and the poly saturated fat. Harvest salad contains zero cholesterol which is all the more the reason why it is desirable for a healthy diet.

Harvest salad contains 440 grams of sodium, 144.4 grams of potassium, and total 25 grams of carbohydrate content. This carbohydrate content includes the dietary fibre as well as sugars. Harvest salad also contains 80.7% of Vitamin A, 1.7% of Vitamin B-6, 56.6% of Vitamin C, 1.1% of Vitamin E, 5.5% of Calcium, 1.4% of Copper, 15.5% of Foliate and 8% of Carbon. This are the essential nutrients present in the harvest salad. This information is according to one serving of a harvest salad. The percent values are taken based upon a basic 2000 calorie diet. The amount of calories might differ from person to person depending on the amount and type of cheese added to the salad.