How Many Calories in Horseradish

There are a number of Horseradish preparations. The calorie content and nutritional value in few of these is given below in detail. One tablespoon of Horseradish contains a total of 7 calories of which 81% calories come from carbohydrates, 12% calories come from fat and the remaining 7% calories come from proteins. The total fat content in an equal serving of horseradish is 0.1 gram, protein content in it is 0.18 gram and carbohydrate content in it is 1.69 grams. One tablespoon of horseradish contains a total of 7 calories, one oz contains 7 calories and 100 grams of horseradish contains a total of 48 calories.


Horseradish sauce is also quite popular and is had with a number of food items in order to enhance their taste. One tablespoon of horseradish sauce contains a total of 29 calories of which 86% of the calories come from fat, 8% calories come from carbohydrates and the remaining 6% calories come from proteins. An equal serving of horseradish sauce has 2.68 grams of fat, 0.44 grams of proteins and 0.61 gram of carbohydrates. One oz of horseradish contains 59 calories, one cup of horseradish has a total of 468 calories and 100 grams contains a total of 209 calories.

One cup slices of Horseradish-Tree Pods weighing around 100 grams contains a total of 37 calories of which 82% of the calories come from carbohydrates, 13% calories come from proteins and the remaining 5% calories come from fat. An equal quantity of this horseradish preparation contains a total of 0.2 grams of fat content, 2.1 grams of proteins and 8.53 grams of carbohydrates. One oz of horseradish-tree pods contains 10 calories and 1 Ib contains 168 calories.

Horseradish-tree leafy tips are also consumed by many. One cup chopped horseradish-tree leafy tips contains a total of 13 calories.