How Many Calories in Celeriac

The calorie content in Celeriac differs based on the form in which it is consumed. The calorie content in raw Celeriac differs from the Celeriac in cooked form. There are a number of factors that determine the calorie content of any vegetable when consumed in the cooked form. The calorie content in cooked vegetables is largely based on the kind and amount of oil used, the spices and other ingredients added to it as well as the manner in which it is cooked.

Celeriac Calories

100 grams of Celeriac has 42 calories. It fulfils 2.1% of the recommended daily intake of calories in women and 1.68% of the recommended daily intake of calories in men. One cup of celeriac which weighs around 156 grams contains 66 calories. It also has other nutritional value. 100 grams of Celeriac has 88 grams of water and 1.6 grams of Sugar. The Carbohydrate content in an equal quantity of Celeriac is 9.2 grams. The protein content in 100 grams of Celeriac is 1.5 calories, fiber is 1.8 calories and Ash is 1 gram. The total lipid present in 100 grams of Celeriac is 0.3 grams, saturated fatty acids are 0.079 grams, polyunsaturated fatty acids are 0.148 grams and monounsaturated fatty acids content is 0.058 grams.

100 grams of Celeriac contains 41 mcg Vitamin K, 0.36 mg Vitamin E, 8 mg of Vitamin C and 0.165 mg Vitamin B-6. It also contains various other essential micronutrients in different quantities. There are 8 Mcg Folate, 1 Mcg Lutein + Zeaxanthin, 0.7 Mcg of Selenium, 300 mg of Potassium, 115 Mg of Phosphorus, 100 Mg of Sodium, 43 Mg of Calcium, 20 Mg of Magnesium, 9 Mg of Choline, 0.7 Mg of Niacin, 0.06 Mg of Riboflavin, 0.05 Mg of Thiamin, 0.7 Mg of Iron, 0.352 Mg of Pantothenic acid, 0.33 Mg of Zinc, 0.158 Mg of Manganese and 0.07 Mg of Copper.