How Many Calories in Blueberries

Blueberries offer a good nutritional value and are quite low in calories. Blueberries are known to be a power food considering the high energy boosting capacity that it offers. These are a good source of Vitamin C as well as potassium and offer a number of health benefits. One cup of offers around 82 calories. This is less than 5 percent of the recommended daily intake of calories. Out of these 82 calories around 4 come from fat. The total fat content in a cup of blueberries is around 0.48 grams out of which 0.04 grams are saturated fat, 0.21 grams are polyunsaturated fat and 0.07 grams are monounsaturated fat. The Sodium content in one cup of blueberries is 1.4 mg, Potassium content is 111.7 mg, Proteins 1.07 grams, Carbohydrate content is 21 grams and Dietary Fiber 3.5 grams.

Blueberries Calories

Blueberries area good source of Vitamin C and is also rich in minerals. No wonder this fruit offers a number of health benefits. People who are trying to lose or maintain weight and are on a low calorie diet for this reason may opt for blueberries. Blueberries are a great option for them as these are low in calories and offer zero percent fat. Blueberries are healthy, nutritious and equally delicious.

The calories consumed by having blueberries can be burned easily. You may be able to shed the calories consumed from two cups of blueberries by a half an hour walk. The calorie content in blueberries does not come from fat. In fact, as mentioned above blueberries do not contain any fat content. Major part of the calories in blueberries comes from carbohydrates, mainly from fiber. Fiber content in blueberries helps in easy digestion and also maintaining weight. Blueberries are also low in proteins, thus there is hardly any calorie content in this fruit that comes from proteins.