How Many Calories in Basil

Basil is a commonly used spice which is added to enhance the taste of various food items including tea, sauces, vegetables, salads, etc. Fresh basil not only adds a special flavor to these food items but also has various essential micronutrients which offer several health benefits.

Basil has very low calorie content. 1 tablespoon of basil contains just 0.72 calories. Out of these 0.72 grams only 0.15 grams come from fats. The total fat content in 1 tablespoon of Basil is as low as 0.016 grams, saturated fats are 0.0011 grams, polyunsaturated fat is 0.01 gram and monounsaturated fat is 0.0023 gram. The sodium content in this amount of basil is 0.11 mg, Potassium is 12.2 mg, Carbohydrate is 0.12 gram, Dietary Fiber is 0.1 gram, Protein content is 0.1 gram and Protein is 0.067 gram.

Basil Calories

Calorie content in 1 gram of basil is 0.27 calories out of which 0.055 calories come from Fat. The total fat content in 1 gram of basil is 0.0061 gram out of which 0.00041 grams is saturated Fat, 0.0039 grams is polyunsaturated fat and 0.00088 gram is monounsaturated fat. There is no cholesterol content. Sodium content in 1 gram of basil is 0.04 grams, potassium content is 4.6 grams, carbohydrates 0.043 grams, Dietary fiber is 0.039 grams and protein content is 0.025 grams.

The calorie content and other nutrients in Basil increase with the rise in its quantity. The total number of calories in 1 kg of Basil is 270 out of which 54.9 calorie come from fat. The total fat content in 1 kg of Basil is 6.1 gram out of which 0.41 grams is Saturated fat, 3.9 gram is polyunsaturated fat and 0.88 gram is monounsaturated fat. The sodium content in it is 40 mg, carbohydrates 43.4 grams, dietary fiber 39 grams and proteins 25.4 grams.