How Many Calories in Artichokes

Like any other food item, the calorie content in Artichokes also varies based on its method of preparation as well as its quantity. A medium sized raw artichoke which weighs approximately 128 grams contains around 60 calories out of which 2 calories come from fat. The total number of fat content in an equal sized artichoke is around 0.2 grams out of which 0.1 grams is polyunsaturated fat and the rest is saturated and monounsaturated fat. The total carbohydrates content in a medium sized artichoke is 13.5 grams out of which dietary fiber content is 6.9 grams and 1.3 grams is sugar. The protein content in an equal sized artichoke is 4.2 grams and sodium content is 120 mg. It also has some amount of vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Artichokes Calories

The calorie content in a large raw artichoke which weighs around 162 grams is around 76 calories and 100 grams of raw Artichoke contains 47 calories. When cooked the number of calories in an Artichoke rise to some extent. 100 grams of boiled Artichokes without salt contain 50 calories and 0.5 cup hearts of boiled Artichokes without salt contains around 42 calories. Artichokes in frozen form content different calorie content as compared to other forms. 100 grams of frozen uncooked Artichoke contains 38 calories and 1 packet of frozen uncooked Artichokes which weighs around 255 grams has approximately 97 calories.

The calorie content obtained on boiling the frozen Artichokes is different from that of the fresh boiled Artichokes. 100 grams of frozen Artichokes when boiled without salt give 45 calories, one cup of boiled frozen Artichokes without salt have 76 calories and one packet of boiled frozen Artichokes without salt contain 108 calories. The calorie content of Artichokes whether in frozen or fresh form remains the same whether it is boiled with salt or without salt. However, it changes when other ingredients such as oil and spices are added to it.