Useful Tips to get Kids to Eat Vegetables

As a parent you will be worried all the time about what your children is eating, whether it is healthy enough for them or not. According to the statistical study only one third of a nation’s children consume the healthy veggies and dishes made of vegetables. It should be also added on this note that this number lowers as children grow older. Hence to get your kids to eat more vegetables the subsequent tips can be beneficial for you.

tips to get kids to eat vegetablesGet them to Eat when they are Hungry

Doctors suggest that you can offer your child an appetizer combining with colorful vegetables such as different colors of bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers dressed up with low fat salad dressing before dinner as they will be hungry at that time and complete the food without hassle.

Involve your Child in Kitchen Work

To involve your kid into the work of kitchen, you can take him/her to grocery shop and give them the freedom of choosing vegetables as per their desire. Finally make them a part of cooking process so that they get interest and inclination to have the particular vegetable.

Make their Plates a Little Interesting

Application of some creativity can make your kid’s to eat vegetables. Through exploring cauliflower brains or broccoli tress you might be able to put veggies from their plate to their mouth.

Never Offer a Full Plates of Vegetables

When you are experimenting with your kid then never offer a full plate of vegetables. Rather you can make a combination of that vegetable which he/she already likes and another new one for experimentation. This may make them taste the new vegetable which you have chosen for them.

Prepare Veggie Popsicle or Smoothies

For a healthy treat you can freeze the mixture of sweet potato purees, carrots, plain yogurt and also some orange juice. After freezing this will turn into a popsicle which will definitely be a treat for your kids. On the other hand combination of avocado, plain yogurt, frozen banana and strawberry will obviously be a healthy and creamy delicacy for them.

Roast Vegetables

Sometimes it is seen that the strong taste of vegetables is the root cause of the kid not liking it. Hence it could be better to roast the veggies before offering them. This will give a tasty turn to it.