The Top 6 Benefits of Planting your Own Vegetable Garden

If you are someone who is fond of gardening but hasn’t yet tried growing vegetables in the garden, then you are definitely missing out on something. Growing your own vegetable garden can be a lot of fun and definitely beneficial. Vegetable gardening is not very difficult to do and it can bring you a bounty of advantages if done correctly. The following is a list of the top 6 benefits of planting your own vegetable garden:

benefits of planting your own vegetable garden1. Cost Saving

The number 1 benefit of growing your own vegetable garden is cost saving. Vegetables that you get from your own garden are free eventhough you might have to pay some initial cost to set it up. But even inspite of this, the overall costs are reduced considerably.

2. Taste

Vegetables from your own home garden taste a lot better than those that you buy from the market. One reason behind this could be that they grow under your own care and are fresh when consumed. They taste delicious and are devoid of any harmful chemicals that might harm you.

3. Healthy

Vegetables that you grow in your own garden are much more healthy and safe to consume. You can control the fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides that you add. This means that you can be assured of the healthy element.

4. Physical Activity

Tending a vegetable garden takes a lot of physical activity and hardwork. It thus helps you to burn the calories, stay fit and active. You can burn anywhere between 220 to 500 calories per hour that you work on your own vegetable garden.

5. Environment Friendly

Planting your own vegetable garden has another benefit and this benefit is related to its effect on the environment. Mass produced vegetables travel thousands of miles before they can reach you and in this process, a lot of damage is done to the environment by burning fuel, polluting the environment, using cardboards and plastics for packaging and through carbon emissions. But planting your own garden can help reduce this, thus making it an environment friendly prospect.

6. Ease of Availability

Another benefit of having your own vegetable garden is that you can grow your favorite vegetables and enjoy the ease of availability. You do not have to go to the market to buy the vegetables which also helps to reduce your own fuel cost or hardwork.