All You Need to Know About Kiwi

Kiwifruit or Kiwi is small berry like fruits packed with several nutrients and flavors which are beneficial for our health. They are also called Chinese gooseberry. They taste sweet and have a soft texture. There green juicy flesh contains Vitamin C, E, K, potassium and foliates. They are a rich source of fibers and antioxidants. They are edible berries cultivated in California and New Zealand.

In countries like China, France, Greece and Italy it is a commercial crop. Kiwis can be found in supplement products too. Kiwis have a lot of beneficial qualities. Some are discussed below:

All You Need to Know About Kiwi

Aids in Treating Asthma

Kiwis have antioxidants like Vitamin C which can help those who have asthma. Regular consumption of kiwi can improve the functioning of lungs and the respiratory process. Every 100 grams of kiwi contains more than 20% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C.

Boosts the Immune System

One single cup of kiwi juice provides 273% of Vitamin C which is essential for boosting our overall immune system. It reduces the risk of developing flu, cold and other illnesses. Vitamin C helps the immune system to fight against harmful pathogens.

Enhances Digestion

Kiwis are high in fiber content which is good for digestion and improves are metabolic activities. The fruit contains an enzyme called actinidain. It is known as an allergen in kiwi fruits and is commercially used as a meat tenderizer. Actinidain can break down proteins and helps in the process of digestion. People suffering from indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome should have kiwi.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Through a study done in the year 2014, evidence was found that the kiwis have bioactive substances that can help to lower blood pressure level. Risk of having health adversities like strokes and cardiac arrests due to high blood pressure can be lowered if one starts having kiwi almost everyday.A study done in the University of Oslo proved that consuming two to three kiwis daily can reduce the risk of having blood clots. They help to reduce the fat content in our blood.

Reduces the Risk of Losing Vision

Kiwis can help protect our eye sight. One of the major causes of vision loss is macular degeneration. Kiwi contains high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin which can reduce the risk of having macular degeneration by 36%. Daily intake of two or three kiwis per day or three servings of kiwi supplement can be very beneficial for your vision.

Consumption Method

Kiwis can be consumed not only as raw fruits. You can make kiwi juices or blend them into smoothies. Supplements in the form of powder, capsules and tablets are also available. A daily serving of kiwi powder contains about 5.5 grams. It is best not to cook kiwis as the Vitamin C content get destroyed in the process.