6 Amazing Low Calorie Salad Dressings

Salad dressing is basically a condiment that is mostly made up of oil, vinegar, lime juice, buttermilk, mayonnaise, etc. This enhances the taste of any bland salad. .Though there are many companies who manufacture bottled salad dressings but, there is no substitute to fresh homemade salad dressings.

Any salad can be consumed for a quick healthy bite along with the low calorie salad dressing which will not make you feel sleepy or heavy after lunch or dinner. It will also help you to maintain a fit and healthy body.

low calorie salad dressings

Low Calorie Salad Dressings:

Salad dressings are of two types, creamy (contains fat) and vinaigrette (oil based and low calorie). It is the oil based or vinaigrette salad dressing which is good for health. Below given are low calorie salad dressings which are healthy as well as tasty.

Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing

The dressing looks like a blooming, smooth daffodil, which is soothing yellow in colour. It has a balanced taste with an optimum amount of acidity in it. This dressing contains 54.2 kcal per serving.

French Vinaigrette Dressing

It just looks amazing as if it is born in a Michelin Star restaurant, fair amount of garlic is added to the dressing along with vinegar. It contains 39.4 kcal per serving. 

Italian Dressing with Reduced Oil

Looks might not impress you when it comes to this salad dressing, but its aroma and taste will surely win over your taste buds. It contains a lot of healthy oils, herbs and has a peppery taste. The final finish is smooth when consumed with the salad. It contains 34.5 kcal per serving. 

Blue Cheese Dressing

You must be crazy about cheese but your dietician said a strict NO? – Then opt for this salad dressing. This dressing looks creamy as it contains blue cheese and garlic to add a zing to it. It is wonderful as a condiment and as a salad dressing. It contains 15.3 kcal per serving. 

Special Caesar Dressing

Talk about mixed pot, here it is a salad dressing which is indeed a mixture of sweet, sour, fruity, spicy when it comes to the taste. It is not a thick dressing at all. Though it appears to be a bit dark and oily, no need to worry as it is very low in calorie content. It contains 39.2 kcal per serving only.

Balsamic Vinegar & Molasses Salad Dressing

This dressing is good looking as velvet and smooth like caramel. It has a beautiful colour and a balanced acidic flavour. It contains 42.8 kcal per serving and is considered as low calorie. 

These 6 low calorie dressings will surely make a great start to your dining sessions and take care of your health as well. You can try one every single day to experience the new flavours and yet remain slim and fit.