How many Calories in a Baconator

A baconator is a tasty treat served by the fast food chain of Wendy. Made up of smoked bacon, beef patties and topped with America’s famous cheese. The baconator comes in three servings single, double and triple and simultaneously the calorie content differs. Though baconator is tasty and appetite friendly dish yet is high on calorie note and a ‘have not” for those who are diet conscious or who are under diet management.

A baconator single, double, triple contains 610, 980, and 1150 calories respectively. It is a fat rich diet which also contains saturated fat responsible for heart disease. Baconator has saturated fat content as high as 14, 27 and 32 grams in a single, double, and triple baconator respectively. On an average a total of 16 grams of saturated fat should be the daily diet for a person who is diet conscious.

Calories in a Baconator

Although a fast famous meal for all ages, a beconator is great to taste and it relinquishes the appetite too, but the only fact that it is a calorie rich diet and can cause serious health trouble if over-taken should be headed on priority.  A rich source of sodium, beconator is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney problems. A beconator contains as high sodium content 2030 milligrams while for a health adult sodium requirement for whole day figures up to 2500mg.

In today’s fast globalising world where mechanisation has overtaken a man’s health to a serious back drop, health consciousness is the need of the hour. For a health and long life one must stick to a healthy and nutritious diet routine and must count on the calories that will keep him fit. Research says that far a health life an average adult requires 2000-2500 calories per day. Now accordingly one must plan his diet to keep health, wealthy and wise.