How to Include More Vegetables in your Meals Sans Extra Effort

It’s a known fact that vegetables and fruits have the capacity to make you look young and beautiful besides keeping you energetic and strong. A five servings of vegetables daily can give you respite from weakened immune system, prevent heart disease, infections and lethargy too.

The challenge is to include those fruits and vegetables in your diet. The best way to include more and more vegetables in your diet is not by fetching changes in your basic meal you are eating daily, but only replacing a few items with the healthier ones. A few small changes can bring a tremendous change in your vegetable intake. Here are a few important tips to consider.

include more vegetables in your meals

Vegetables In Breakfast

Including vegetables in breakfast in surely a big challenge. You can make a little change in the regular omelet you are eating daily, by stuffing it with vegetables like asparagus, onions, pepper or any other vegetable of your choice. You can also top your scrambled egg with half a cup of salsa which proves to be a good and tasty combination. If you are running out of time, you can roll it into a tortilla and carry with you.

Including Vegetables In Lunch

A single piece of lettuce in salad cannot be called a serving of vegetables according to the research organizations. So, if you are thinking of stacking your sandwich with vegetables, see to it that you put at least half an inch of lettuce or spinach in it. If you are eating out, then it will be wise to ask for a replacement of French fries with Coleslaw. This will help you to add to your daily intake of vegetables.

Vegetables As Snacks

The crunchy chips and pretzel for your snacks can be replaced with healthy crunchy vegetables such as sugar snap peas, snow peas, radishes, baby carrots etc. Besides increasing your vegetable intake, this will give you a lot of nutritional benefit too.

Vegetables In Dinner

You generally try to include protein, starch and some serving of vegetables in your dinner. To increase the vegetable intake, you can easily replace the starch with another serving of vegetables. If you are making chicken breasts with broccoli and rice, you can make a small change and replace the rice with something else, such as acorn squash. Without any big effort, you can increase your vegetable intake this way.

Never Go Without Vegetables

Keeping in mind to include some or the other vegetable in your meals will surely increase your vegetable intake drastically. Adding salsa to your eggs, and avocado, lettuce or spinach to your sandwich etc will help to accomplish your target.

Thus, by simple and easy ways, you can include more and more vegetable in your daily diet to stay fit, fine and healthy. Try as see the change!