Common Korean BBQ Side Dishes

Most Korean meals accompany side dishes known as Banchan. They not only serve the purpose of beautification and appetizers but are the meals with soups and rice. Korean barbecue is popularly known as ‘Gogigui’. It is the process by which different types of meat like pork, chicken and beef are roasted on gas, charcoal grills or even portable stoves. In the present day, Korean barbecue has gained fame at international level.

korean BBQ side dishes

Some of the common Korean barbecue side dishes are mentioned below:

Fermented Vegetables and Seafood

Banchans are served in the form of fermented vegetables for the Korean BBQ. The varieties include chopped radish kimchi, water kimchi, stuffed cucumber kimchi, fermented cabbage kimchi and green onion kimchi. The seafood varieties include salted fish roe, pickled octopus and squid, salted shrimps and spicy pickled clam.

Boiled or Stir Fried Food

This category of gogigui include seasoned eggplants and bellflower roots, seasoned sprouted beans, seasoned shoots of sweet potato and seasoned bracken fern stems.

Simmered Food

Some food items are cooked by means of simmering method. These serve as wonderful side dishes for Korean barbecue. The mouth-watering dishes include sautéed mushrooms, potato glazed with sweet soy sauce, seasoned green chilli pepper and hairtail fish, simmered Pollock, spicy steamed mackerel, seasoned sesame leaves and poached tofu.

Stir Fried Gogigui

The delicious stir fried gogigui consists of items like stir fried dry laver, stir fried fish cake, stir fried spicy squid and mushrooms and also stir fried desiccated anchovy.

Pan Fried Food

Any sort of pan fried food sounds yummy. Pan fried cooking can be done easily to serve as side dishes for any type of Korean BBQ meal. These include pan fried tofu, seafood pancake, vegetable pancake, Korean pancake, Pollock fish pancake, zucchini fritters and zucchini pancake.

Steamed Gogigui

Steamed cooking is another method of preparing side dishes for Korean barbecue. The items prepared from this process include steamed egg, simmered beef bar, seasoned stems of garlic, seasoned clams and braised spareribs tips.

Mixed Dishes

Side dishes prepared from other processes comprise of seasoned codfish, salad made of spicy sea snail, seasoned and spicy cucumber salad, grilled corvina fish, spinach seasoned, seasoned laver and shredded scallion salad.

Grilled Seafood

Grilled food contain less of oil as in pan fried food. Grilled seafood is one of the tastiest items that is served as side dishes for a Korean BBQ. The grilled items include grilled pacific saury, grilled yellow croaker and grilled corvina fish.

Other Delicacies

These side dishes include simmered meat patties, steamed kimchi dumplings, simmered lotus in soy sauce, beef and radish soup, eggs in soy broth and mung bean pancakes.

The smacking delicious Korean side dishes are gaining audience for its variety and the different processes followed to prepare the items. A lot of restaurants are flourishing with their Korean BBQ business throughout the globe.