How many Calories in Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is a very tasty jam which is made up from raspberry. Raspberry jam is manufactured by a lot of companies and is prepared by different cooking methods. Depending upon the method of preparation of raspberry jam, the calorie content of it may vary. Raspberry jam has a few health benefits as well along with some negative points. If you wish to find out more about raspberry jam, then please go through the following given information:

Stonewall Kitchen is a company which is famous for preparing yummy raspberry jam. 1 tablespoon of this raspberry jam which weighs 15 grams contains 45 calories. Out of the 45 calories, 4% have been contributed by total carbohydrates.

Calories in Raspberry Jam

President’s choice is also a company which is very popular for making and selling many food items. President’s choice raspberry jam comes in a canned packing. 1 tablespoon which weighs 15 grams contains 50 calories of which 4% come from the total carbohydrate content.

Food Depot International is yet another company known to make yummy jams one of which is the raspberry jam. 2 tablespoons of this jam contains 66 calories of which 6% comes from the total carbohydrate content and 2% comes from the dietary fiber content. The nutritional grade given to Food Depot International’s raspberry jam is B. some of the good points about this particular jam are that it has no saturated fat, it has no cholesterol, it has very low amount of sodium content and the bad point about this jam is that it has a lot of sugar content in it.

Hartley’s raspberry jam is also a good variant of raspberry jam.  1 tablespoon of this jam contains 37 calories. Out of these 37 calories, 3% come from total carbohydrate and 4% come from dietary fiber. This jam has no cholesterol and no sodium and these are the good things about it.