How Many Calories in Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad is tasteful and also offers a number of health benefits. This food item can be prepared using different methods and the calorie content varies to a great extent based on this. The calorie content in Tuna salad also varies based on its serving size. One cup of tuna salad weighing around 205 grams contains around 383.35 calories. The total fat content in this is 18.98 grams out of which total saturated fat content is 3.16 grams, monounsaturated fat content is 5.91 grams and polyunsaturated fat content is 8.45 grams.

There is 19.21 grams of carbohydrates, 32.88 grams of proteins, 198.85 IU Vitamin A and 4.51 mg Vitamin C. The total cholesterol content in an equal serving of tuna salad is 26.65 mg, sodium content in this is 824.1 mg, Iron content in it is 2.05 mg and calcium content is 34.85 mg.

Tuna Salad Calories

One ounce of tuna salad prepared in a similar manner as above contains 53.014 calories. The total fat content in it is 2.62 grams of which saturated fat is 0.43 grams, monounsaturated fat is 0.81 8grams and polyunsaturated fat content is 1.16 grams. Total carbohydrate content in it is 2.66 grams, protein content is 4.547 grams, cholesterol content is 3.68 mg and sodium is 113.96 mg. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals. There is 27.49 IU of Vitamin A, 0.624 mg Vitamin C, 0.283 mg Iron content and 4.819 mg calcium in an equal serving of tuna salad. However the calorie content and the content of other micronutrients may vary to some extent based on its method of preparation.

Tuna salad sandwich is also a quite popular tuna salad preparation. There are 287.5 calories in a tuna salad sandwich out of which 66.1 calories come from fat. The total fat content in an equal sized tuna salad sandwich is 7.3 grams.