How Many Calories in Sausage

The calorie content in sausage varies based on its ingredients and the way it is prepared. Pork and beef sausages are amongst the favorite sausages and are prepared in different ways. These may be prepared using various methods; you may fry these, boil, grill and even bake sausages. The calorie content in an average sized cooked pork sausage is 81 calories. Two average sized cooked pork sausages contain 162 calories, three average sized cooked pork sausages contain around 243 calories and four average sized pork sausages contain 324 calories. Each ounce of cooked pork sausage contains around 95 calories.

The calorie content in beef sausage is a bit low as compared to the pork sausage. Consuming an average sized cooked beef sausage gives you 79 calories, two average sized beef sausages contain 158 calories, three average sized beef sausages contain 237 calories, four average sized beef sausages contain 316 calories and one ounce of cooked beef sausage contains around 93 calories.

Sausage Calories

100 grams of typically prepared sausage contains around 287 calories. The total fat content in an equal serving of sausage is 8.8 grams, out of which 8.4 grams is saturated fat. Total carbohydrate content in it is 26.5 grams and protein content is 8.8 grams.

Pork as well as beef sausage also contain small traces of various other micronutrients. However, these micronutrients as well as the calorie content in these vary based on their method of preparation and also the ingredients added to these. The kind of oil used while preparing the sausage and also the quantity of oil used in these is also responsible for determining the calorie content and the amount of micronutrients present in these. Sausages available in the market are prepared with different kinds of spices as well as using different ingredients that help in enhancing their taste. These sausages have comparatively high calorie content.