How Many Calories in an Ounce

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Some of you might choose them based on their taste; some may look at the nutritional aspect while those who are trying to follow a diet plan to reduce weight may go for fruits and vegetables that are less in calories. Each fruit, vegetable or for that matter any other food item; be it soups, meat, chicken, eggs, etc have different nutritional value and calorie content. In this article we would discuss the calorie content of a few popular food items.

Carrot which is known to have a great nutritional value also comes with some calories. The calorie content in a raw carrot is different from that in its cooked form. One ounce of raw baby carrot contains around 10 calories while one ounce of raw mature carrot has 12 calories. Each ounce of carrot in its boiled or steamed form also contains 10 to 12 calories. However, when you cook it with oil, spices and other ingredients its calorie content is likely to go up.

Ounce Calories

Pinto beans which are a rich source of proteins also add on to your calorie intake. Each ounce of boiled or steamed pinto beans contains around 41 calories. You can cook pinto beans in different ways and the calorie content changes based on its method of preparation. In most cases, it is likely to go up.

Chicken breast which is well liked by many also comes with a good number of calories. It can be cooked in different ways and its calorie content varies to a great extent based on this factor. Out of the various chicken breast preparations the skinless, boneless plain grilled chicken breast is likely to have comparatively lesser number of calories. There are around 35 calories in each ounce of chicken breast prepared using this method.