How Many Calories in Liquor

Liquor contains high calorie content and therefore, those planning to shed a few pounds are recommended to avoid it. Avoiding liquor helps in losing weight to a great extent. There are different liquor options for those fond of consuming it and the calorie content in each of these differs from the other. A regular can or bottle of beer contains around 150 calories, one dry white wine glass has 75 calories, one red wine glass has 80 calories, one ounce of liquor contains approximately 65 calories and one ounce of after dinner liquor has 188 calories.

Consuming one glass of Martini which weighs around 200 ml gives you 413 calories, an equal quantity of Margarita has 453 calories, Pina Colada has 297 calories, Mint Julep has 143 calories, Singapore Sling has 230 calories, Screwdriver has 200 calories, Old Fashioned liquor has 206 calories.

Liquor Calories

Other cocktails including Sloe Gin Fizz, Tom Collins, Black Russian, Tequila Sunrise, White Russian, Blue Lagoon and Whisky Sour are also quite popular and offer high calorie content. While one glass of Sloe Gin Fizz weighing 200 ml has 120 calories, an equal quantity of Tom Collins has 120 calories, Black Russian has 291 calories, Tequila Sunrise has 253 calories, White Russian has 360 calories, Blue Lagoon has 179 calories and Whisky Sour has 166 calories.

Liquor offers a lot of calories and does not contain any healthful or beneficial micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It is not recommended to consume liquor in high quantity. For those of you who can’t avoid liquor during the parties or at business meetings it is recommended to dilute it and then have it. Diluting water or ice in liquor reduces the calorie content in it. You may also add low calorie fruit juice to your glass of liquor in order to lower its calorie content.