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How many calories in veggie chips

Many people consume veggie chips in order to control the calories that are being consumed in a day but these people are not aware of the number of calories veggie chips contain. There are many companies that manufacture veggie chips with varied calorie content which is due to the different ingredients added in the veggie chips. Each ingredient accounts for an increased or decreased calorie count in a veggie chips packet of approximately 28 grams. On an average one veggie chips packet has about 38 chips. The total calories from one packet of standard veggie chips is anywhere between 120 to 130 calories. In this the total calories from fat varies in the range of 36 to 63 grams. The nutrition facts about these veggies chips for a 2000 calories consumption per day is total fat of 4.0 grams which is 6%, saturated fat of 0.5 grams which is 3% of daily value along with sodium of 250 mg which accounts for 10% of the daily value. Apart from this there is also dietary fiber of 1.0 grams which is 4% of daily value and carbohydrates to the tune of 19.0 grams which accounts for 6% of daily value. The veggie chips also has protein of about 1.0 grams and Iron content of about 2% in one packet. There are some varieties of veggie chips that even has Vitamin C to the extent of 2% in one packet. One packet of veggie chips provides a total energy of 120kcal. But these veggie chips do not contain any cholesterol or sugars at all which is the best part of this snack. Besides veggie chips are also very low in saturated fat which makes it a healthy option as against the regular chips variety that are available in the snacks segment.