How Many Calories in Taro

There are a number of taro preparations that one may opt for. The calorie content in each of these taro preparations is different from the other. One cup of raw taro slices contains a total of 116 calories out of which 95% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 4% calories come from protein and a mere 1% is attained from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of raw taro slices is 0.21 gram, carbohydrate content is 27.52 grams and protein content is 1.56 grams. One oz of raw taro slices contains 32 calories, 100 grams of raw taro slices has 112 calories and 1 Ib of raw taro slices has 508 calories.

Taro can also be consumed in its baked form. One cup of baked taro contains 190 calories out of which as many as 93% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 5% calories are obtained from proteins and just 2% calories are received from fats. It has a total fat content of 0.34 gram, total carbohydrate content of 45 grams and protein content of 2.55 grams. It also contains some amount of vitamin C, iron and calcium. One oz of baked taro has 41 calories and 100 grams contains 144 calories.

Taro Calories

Taro may be cooked in various other ways such as boiling, steaming as well as stir frying. The number of calories in each of these methods of cooking is different.

Taro chips, a popular taro preparation also comes with some amount of calories. One oz of taro chips contains around 141 calories. Out of these 141 calories 55% calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 44% calories are obtained from protein and mere 1% calorie comes from fat. While consuming 10 taro chips means taking in 115 calories 100 grams of similarly prepared taro chips contain 498 calories. However the calorie content in Taro chips may vary from brand to brand.