How Many Calories in Roselle

The calorie content in Roselle differs based on its form as well as its size of serving. One cup of raw Roselle without refuse contains 28 calories out of which 3 calories come from fat. Roselle contains a total fat content of 0.4 gram, total carbohydrate content of 6.4 gram, protein content of 0.5 gram, sodium content of 3 mg and potassium content in it is 119 mg. It also contains various essential vitamins and minerals which the body requires for performing various functions.

One oz of raw Roselle contains around 14 calories out of which 2 calories come from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of Roselle is 0.2 gram, total carbohydrate content in it is 3.2 grams, protein content is 0.3 gram, sodium content in it is 2 mg, potassium content is 59 mg and calcium content is 61 mg.

Roselle Calories

Roselle offers a number of health benefits when consumed raw it contains various micronutrients which boost energy and keep the body running. However, there are other forms of Roselle as well such as Roselle tea, Roselle juice, etc which one may consume. The calorie content in each of these forms of Roselle is different from the other and so is the amount of other micronutrients.

Hibiscus tea which is known for its medicinal benefits is prepared from dried Roselle. This tea is contains very low calorie content and is also free from caffeine. It also contains some amount of vitamin C and is a good source of antioxidants.

Roselle juice is also quite popular. 8 fl oz of Roselle juice contains 100 calories. It also contains 25 grams of carbohydrate and 10 mg of sodium. Roselle Cranberry juice also quite popular; one cup serving of Roselle Cranberry juice weighing around 240 grams contains 124 calories and most of these calories are obtained from carbohydrates.