How Many Calories in Clementine

Clementine which is known to be a low calorie fruit is consumed for various health benefits. You may consume raw Clementine and even have it in its juiced form. A medium sized raw Clementine weighing around 74 grams contains 35 calories. None of the calories in a Clementine is obtained from fat. The fat content in a Clementine is nil. The fact that this fruit is fat free makes it quite popular. The total carbohydrate content in Clementine is 8.8 grams, dietary fiber content is 1.3 grams, sugar content is 6.8 grams and protein content is 0.6 gram. It also has traces of iron and certain other essential minerals and vitamins. This fruit is rich source of calcium and vitamin C; there is around 22 mg of calcium in an equal sized raw Clementine.

Clementine Calories

Clementine is well liked in its juiced form. An 8 fl oz serving of Clementine contains around 110 calories out of which again there is no calorie which is obtained from fat. It has potassium content of 420 mg, 29 grams of total carbohydrate content, 22 grams of total sugar content and 2 grams of protein content. While a 3.5 oz serving of Clementine contains around 47 calories. The total carbohydrate content in an equal serving of Clementine juice is 12 grams, dietary fiber content is 2 grams, protein content is 1 gram and sodium content is 1 mg.

The calorie content in Clementine juice may vary based on the sugar content and ice cubes added to it. The more sugar added to Clementine means adding greater number of calories to this juice. The carbohydrate content may also vary on adding more sugar to the Clementine juice. Unsweetened Clementine juices are also available in the market and the calorie content in an unsweetened Clementine juice is comparatively lesser.